Voice assistant

Do you like using your voice?

How do you intend to control your new smart home devices? It’s not always convenient to search for your smartphone and find the relevant app just to turn on your smart lights! Voice assistants can respond much quicker!

A voice assistant is a digital assistant that uses voice recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language processing (NLP) to deliver a service from a smart speaker or through a particular application on your smartphone.

Many devices we use every day utilize voice assistants. They’re on our smartphones and inside smart speakers in our homes. Many mobile apps and operating systems use them. 

In October 2011 Apple became the first launch a digital virtual assistant named Siri. Siri first appeared on a smartphone when the iPhone 4s was launched. 

Since Siri was launched smart speakers have become very popular with Amazon’s Alexa Googles Assistant and more recently Apple’s Homepod.

In America approx. 47 million people (19.7% of adults) use voice assistants via smart speakers. It really is a quick and effective way to control your smart products.

You simply issue clear instructions, such as, “Alexa turn the living lights on” or “Siri set the temperature to 21 degrees” – how cool is that!

As a smart speaker is not as costly as a smartphone it can be a low-cost method of controlling your smart devices. Just make sure the smart devices you buy are compatible with your chosen voice assistant.

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