Smart Lighting & Heating

First steps to home automation

Controlling the heating and lighting has been a popular first step in to home automation since 1975 when the products were first available. 

With todays smart lighting products you can make adjustments to your heating and lighting based on the amount of daylight or time of day, the occupancy and when you leave or arrive home.!

Smart lighting and heating control is no longer a gimmick to show off to your visitors it is technology that will save energy, time and money.


Studies have shown that by installing a smart thermostat home owners have been able to save up to 12% on the heating bills and more than 15% on wasted cooling!

If you are considering going down the smart lighting and heating route make sure you select products that will work together. For example, Hive make both smart light bulbs and smart thermostats which can controlled through the Hive App. 

On the other hand the Nest Learning Thermostat and Philips Hue smart lighting can been controlled by Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa!


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