Home Entertainment

Would you like home theatre or a sound stage?

Once you have taken care of the functional aspects of creating a smart home such as security, heating and lighting the next step should be home entertainment.

Smart TV’s have become extremely popular and the latest sets now incorporate voice recognition and even gesture control.

A Smart TV provides access to a whole range of media via connection to your home network. The content is usually accessed via apps on the TV.

Not only can you watch content from a range of online streaming services you can watch your own videos or look at photographs that a stored on a drive within your own network.

Smart speakers are extremely popular and enable you stream music from your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. However, these smart speakers can stream music directly from the internet from one of the many music stream services.

Many of the TV and music streaming service providers have voice recognition, allowing you instruct your smart devices to play a favourite TV series or a particular album by your favourite band!

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