There are so many choices, how do you decide?

  • What are the best smart home devices?
  • What are the best home automation products
  • Which smart lighting products are the best?

Home technology choices

my Digital Home Solutions will endeavour to provide un-biased reviews on a whole range of digital products thatu00a0 can be used in your home network or smart home environment.

We will attempt to offer solutions to the common problems we experience when trying to install and set-up new technology around the home. We’ll explain whats compatible with what and how to work towards one simple systemu00a0 to keep control of all your home technology.

Look out for these reviews in the Blog section below and also check out our products section.

Our Solution

The help and advice that is provided throughout this website is based on our own experience building a home network and a digitally connected smart home.

The reviews we produce will be base on our experience of using the products in our own operating environments.u00a0

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