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To create a fully connected digital home you will need to become familiar with the concepts of networking. Company’s whose business rely on computer technology often employ a number staff to build, configure and manage their networks! In the home environment the responsibility for the network usually falls to a person who becomes the u2018accidental network administratoru2019.

Networking is the fundamental building block for a digitally connected home. It will be necessary to understand how to configure the router, the device that provides a secure bridge between the worldwide web (www) and the devices within the physical boundaries of your home.

As the network administrator you will need to know how best to connect your devices to the network. Should you use a wired connection or WiFi? How does Bluetooth fit in? And if you are going to connect to, or operate your devices when away from your home, can you do it securely or will you need a u2018virtual private networku2019 (VPN) connection?

The first step in building a successful, secure and reliable network is planning. You’ll need to plan ahead and consider what and how many devices you will connect to your network. Will the devices be static or travel around the home, and what access you will grant to family members and visitors.

Once the networking planning is complete you will need to know how best to install all the network components. Onceu00a0 the installation phase is complete you will need to know all about configuration in order to maintain a secure, responsive and reliable connection.

It is our intention to provide guidance and solutions to the most common home network issues within this website. Please look for the articles in the Blog section of this site, we will be regularly adding content to the site categorised as networking.

Home Router

The Router

Do you understand the role of the route? Can you configure the router? Do you know where to site the router?

Wireless Technology

Wireless Connection

What is Wi-Fi? When do you use a Wi-Fi connection? How do you make your Wi-Fi connection secure?

Network Cable

Ethernet Cable

Do you know when to use a wired connection? Do you know the difference between CAT5 and CAT6 cable? Do you know what a patch lead is?

Cloud Storage

Network Storage

Should you use cloud storage or a NAS Drive? Do you need to carry out regular backups? How do you access photo's, video's and music on a smart TV?n

Our solution

We offer solutions to frequently asked questions along with advice and guidance on home network planning, configuration and installation. In the first instance head over to our blog section where we publish articles about building a secure and reliable home network.

If you have any comments about home networking or if you have a specific question about creating a home network please use the form in the contact us section.u00a0

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