Lifestyle appliances

Would you like a stress free lifestyle?

With more and more technology being created for the home it is now easier than ever to let automated products take over the household chores. Just think you can sit back and watch your robotic appliances cut the grass and clean your carpets!

There are numerous kitchen appliances that can simplify your life, for example, your coffee marker can be programmed to have your cappuccino ready in the morning saving you precious time, your smart fridge can keep a track of expiry dates, create your weekly shopping list and even suggest a recipe determined by the contents already available!

This level of smart automation can extend to the garden, using a smart sprinkler system will not only keep your flowers and lawn be kept in a pristine condition, but will only provide the water when required, thus saving you money and time.

Using smart plugs, you can switch on and off your existing appliances. For example, if you have hair straighteners plugged in via a smart plug you can check if you remember to turn them off when you left the house.

Controlling these every day appliances using smart technology can certainly give you peace of mind as you can always check on their status via your smartphone, and even turn them on or off. With a little bit more knowledge you can automate a number of these appliance to operate in a particular sequence at a certain time of day or when you leave or arrive home.

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