Home Security

How safe is your home?

Being able to keep an eye on your home remotely is a great comfort and one of the best uses of smart technology.

Businesses have used webcams to monitor their premises for quite some time. Now with the advances in technology, even at a basic level, it is easy log in to your home webcam using your smartphone and check what is going on back at home.

You can configure and automate your smart home security camera to record at a predetermined time or when the camera senses motion. You can have the the camera send an alert to your smartphone when motion is detected. 



With a video doorbell you can check who is at your door without leaving your armchair! There is even a built in intercom so you can have a conversation with the person at your door whilst you’re away on vacation.

With smart locks you can check if your family members have locked the front door when they left the house. Using your smartphone you can grant or deny access to your home whilst you’re away at the office or out shopping!

With smart security you gain ‘peace of mind’ over your most valuable asset. 

How secure is your home? Isn’t it time to consider installing some webcams, smart door locks and window sensors in your home?

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