Home Safety

Do you know if your home is safe when your away?

By fitting smart devices like smoke alarms and water leak detectors you’ll always be in the know!

Smart smoke alarms are usually equipped with both smoke sensors and carbon monoxide sensors. With the built intelligence they can send alerts to your smartphone to let you know when they detect smoke or poisonous gases, so you’ll have peace of mind wherever you are.

If your current smoke alarm runs on batteries, you’ll know all about the midnight chirps when the battery run low. A smart smoke alarm will send you a message when its battery is getting low, giving you plenty of time to replace it. You can also silence a smart smoke alarm directly from your smartphone – no more waving a tea towel when you have burnt the toast!

Smart water leak sensors could save you a whole lot of money because not only do they detects leaks, certain models connect to your water main, via a smart value, and shuts off all the water automatically within five seconds of detecting a leak to prevent the damage from occurring.

By fitting window and door sensors you’ll know instantly if there’s movement at home, or if a window or door opens or closes. These smart sensors will send an alert to your smartphone when it detects a window or door opening.


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