Blink Wireless Security Camera Review – Keep a watchful eye on your home.
Can you keep an eye on your home?

Blink Wireless Security Camera Review – Keep a watchful eye on your home.

  • Product: Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System
  • Price: £129.99 (for 1 indoor camera system)
  • Best Place to Buy: Amazon
  • Guarantee: 30 day money back guarantee and 2-year limited warranty
  • My Rating: 8 out of 10

Wireless Security Cameras - what's it used for?

Your home is likely to be your most valuable asset but how it is protected when you leave to go to work or on holiday? Whether you’re looking to protect your loved ones or keep an eye on your pets or just check in to see if your possessions are safe, a security camera can give you the peace of mind no matter where you are.

Which Wireless Security Camera should I consider?

As you can imagine there are lots of security cameras to choose from. Prices can range from tens of pounds to thousands of pounds. Blink is an Amazon Company and the Blink Security Camera is one of the better battery-operated cameras on the market. It should be no surprise that Blink Security Cam works with Amazon Alexa.

Blink Camera System operated by a smartphone

What does the security camera do?

View footage of your home on a smartphone

The Blink Security Cam has built in motion sensor and when motion is detected it sends you an alert to your smart phone whilst recording a short clip which is stored in the amazon cloud. The Blink Security Cam is the perfect way to stay connected to those closest to you when you aren’t right next to them. When you are at work you can keep an eye on you dog or cat asleep on the sofa in the living room.

What are the best features?

When you look for a security camera, you want the picture to be sharp and clear, detect motion and trigger alerts, be easy to set-up and easy to use, and importantly have the ability to connect to your smartphone so you can check in from a remote location.

A blink webcam installed on a wall
Blink webcam information sheet

The Blink Security Camera can tick all those boxes. The camera records in 720p full HD video provided a clear view of your home with minimal distortion or blurring 24/7.

No matter what’s going on in your house, you can see what’s going on. You also have the ability to record video. You can use your Blink Security Cam as a baby monitor so you can capture precious moments like your baby cooing or playing with their stuffed animals whilst in their cot.

If you’re looking at it for security, you can get notified when the camera senses there is activity happening. This camera also has great night vision, and you’ll easily be able to see in the dark with it.

There is also cloud storage with no Monthly Subscription Fee, which provides 30 days of video recording history for motion detection or events recorded.

With regular use the Blink camera will last up to two years on a single set of 2 AA lithium batteries. The incredibly long battery life is made possible through a proprietary chip technology which is only available in Blink cameras.

Smartphone showing a motion alert from a webcam
amazon alexa logo

The Blink Camera works with Amazon’s Alexa allowing you to control the camera with your voice.

The camera requires wireless connectivity to your router in order to transmit any notification and recordings to your smartphone and the cloud for storage.

The positives about the Blink Security Camera

Most users have had a great experience. The camera is easy to set up. It is helpful that you can see view using your smartphone before you place the camera.

The interface on the app is easy to use.

The night vision is very good and motion detection is good in low light conditions.

The cameras have a good range of view and the image quality is clear for a relatively ow cost webcam.

Blink Webcam and smartphone
Blink Camera and phone showing blink webcam app

The negatives about the Blink Security Cam

There are a few seconds delay in the notifications coming through and there is no alarm feature.

On occasion the motion detection is a little too sensitive, so if a window is slightly ajar any slight movement of the curtains would trigger an alert.

Of course, there are alternative options

There are many indoor security cams to choose from and if you would like to consider other options we would suggest taking a look at:

  1. Arlo Pro 2 Web Cam from £299.99
  2. GIGOO IP Cam from £31.99
  3. Hive View Cam from £179.00
Alternative webcam options

The Final Verdict

For around £130 for a single camera the Blink Security Cam is a good buy. Whether you are using this with your children, pets, or belongings, this security camera is much better option than a burglar alarm. You can see what going on back on and this allows you to take the most appropriate action necessary.

If you want your indoor security camera to be part of a smart home then give some consideration to the Hive Live View Camera, it is more expensive, but it is part of Hive’s smart home system. With the Hive system you can add smart door and window sensors, smart thermostats, smart plugs and smart lighting. All these products can be controlled by just one Hive App on your smartphone.

Once you start installing smart devices, such as, an indoor web cam you’ll fall in love with the ease of use, and the control you will have either indoor or away from your home.

Finger tip control for webcam security

A smart indoor webcam is a great place to start your journey to a smarter home and I would not hesitate to purchase the Blink Security Camera and protect your home! 

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