August Smart Lock Review
Is your front door locked?

August Smart Lock Review

  • Product: August Smart Lock 2nd Generation
  • Price: £370
  • Best place to buy: Amazon
  • Colour: Silver
  • My rating: 7 out of 10

What is smart home security?

Person opening front door fitted with smart lock

Protecting your home is very important, it is very likely that your home will contain a number of valuable possessions. Have you ever had that nagging doubt when you have left for work whether you have locked the door? With the increase in smart devices and the use of your smartphone it is now becoming easier to keep an eye on things back home whilst you are away. 

Did you remember to lock up?

The standard locks on our doors are there to help stop intruders from entering into our home, but how many times do we forget to even lock them. It’s not only frustrating, it could lead to a very dangerous situation.

If you’re one of those people who have found yourself forgetting to lock your door from time to time, or you have family members who forget to lock the door, don’t take the risk any longer.

To be able to monitor if your door is locked, whether at home or away, you need to invest in a smart lock. Smart locks work electronically, so you’ll be able monitor access 24/7 and even unlock and lock your door no matter where you are using the app on your smartphone.

The August Smart Lock requires the August Connect Bridge in order to provide the remote access needed to control your front door from anywhere. With remote access you will have peace of mind and no worries about whether you locked your door.

The August Smart lock will ensure that you are never in doubt about the status of your front door lock again.

A smartphone showing that security is switched on

What are the August Smart Lock Features?

Use the app on your smartphone you will be able to keep track of who is coming and going. Each person you assign a virtual key will be logged as they unlock and lock your front door.

August lock with smartphone app

There is an auto lock and unlock feature which works with geofencing. This means if you configure your smartphone using the app the smart lock will auto-lock when you leave the property, and auto unlock when you return to the property as you approach the door.

You can even pair this smart lock with your voice-controlled devices like Amazon Alexa or Apple’s Home kit allowing you to check whether your door is locked using voice commands.

The installation is very easy because there is nothing to wire or connect. When the batteries need to be replaced, the app will notify you that they are getting low. There’s also a low energy Bluetooth that syncs the lock to your phone, and the door hardware on the outside will stay the same. Only the interior hardware will be changed and the August Smart Lock fits most standard deadbolts.

August Lock with voice control speaker

What’s included in the box?

August Smart Lock Packaging

When you purchase the August Smart Lock, you will receive:

  • 1 Aluminium Smart Lock
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Mounting Plate(s)
  • 3 Lock Adapters

Positives about the August Smart Lock

The ability to check whether your unlocked and locked your door is brilliant if you are like me and are paranoid about leaving without locking!

The lock is great if you have kids who often forget to lock the door, you can keep an eye on it through the app and if you find the door is unlocked you can lock it remotely.

The instructional videos are helpful, easy to follow and guide you through the installation process. The lock works in both dry and humid places, so you don’t have to worry about water condensation building up from humidity like you do with some other brands. Also, not having to change the external hardware is definitely a benefit.

Auto-lock and Auto-unlock is a great feature, you just need to set up your smartphone using the app to lock on leave and unlock on return.

Negatives about the August Smart Lock

Some users have had issues with the lock not always unlocking when using the auto-unlock feature, this means you need to take out your smart phone open the app to unlock the door – not to helpful if you’re carrying bags of groceries.

August smart lock bridge

In order to use the remote feature such as remote monitoring, remote locking and unlocking and the auto locking/unlocking you need to purchase separately the August Connect Bridge which cost £150. It would be nice if the bridge was included with the lock.

August smart lock and bridge

The Final Verdict

The August Smart Lock is great for all those paranoid people who are constantly wondering whether they locked the door whether away or at home. The lock has some great features like auto lock on leaving home and auto unlock when you arrive back at your front door. I think it is slightly too expensive, as to gain all the features you need to purchase the bridge at further £150.

However, if the price is not of putting and you currently unlock your deadbolt lock on your front door with keys this smart lock is definitely worth considering as it is easy to install and set up.

You will have peace of mind about the status of your front doors lock as you’ll be able to check from anywhere using your smartphone.

August Smart Lock on a white background
Woman entering her home carrying the shopping

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