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Hello everyone, I’m Malcolm Priestner

Welcome to my website my Digital Home Solutions, I have been operating home computer systems since the earlier 1980’s.

I started with a single PC running Microsoft Windows 3.1. Over time, I had a home network running 4 PC’s with Microsoft Windows XP, a Windows Laptop and a server with Microsoft Server 1998 installed.

Becoming disillusioned with Windows based PC’s

Around 2004 I was looking for a new screen to help with my photo and video editing and I discovered an Apple 27” iMac. The screen quality was excellent and the loading speed of the photographs and video’s in the editing software was outstanding compared to my windows PC. I was hooked and I completed converted my whole home network over to Apple where I remained ever since.

Becoming a total Apple convert – because it just works!

I have become a total Apple convert due to their ease of use, reduced administration and simple maintenance. I run iMac’s, MacBook’s, iPads, iPhones, Apple TV, and Time Capsule within my network, I do use other products but generally if there is an Apple solution, I will buy the Apple product in preference to anything else.

Using the Apple products, I now have a fully digitally connected home which is heading towards what would be called in today’s speak a ‘Smart Home”. I have smart lighting, heating controls, cameras, security, speakers and Smart TV’s around the house.

Is it difficult to create a digital home? – not really!

I am often asked how I have been able to create a digitally connect home and due to the frequency, I was asked to help people with home computer problems I thought it may be beneficial to share my knowledge about building a smart home on a website.

From individual devices to a Smart Home…

My aim is to provide advice, answer your questions about home technology and provide guidance, based on my experience, on building a home network, integrating your devices and introducing the smart devices which are now starting to become popular with home-owners.

Therefore, if you are having problems with:

  1. How to build a home network?
  2. How to make individual devices work with one another?
  3. How to use smart devices and automation in the home?

Then you have found the right website site! During the coming months I will be adding content to this site and provide solutions to creating a digital home.

If you need a helping hand or have any questions about home using or installing home technology, please feel free to enter your comments/questions in the box below. I will more than happy to help out where I can.

Best wishes

Malcolm PriestnerMalcolm

Founder of www.myDigitalHomeSolutions.com

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